Mr. Gray

Johnny L.

By the way

Someone called while you were out

His name was Mr. Gray

He said he was a talent scout, and

Saw your resume

Had a project he wanted you on,

Or about

Or within

Just as long as he’s under your skin

He said he’d call you about moving in

Next week

Mr. Gray

He’d seen your work

And thought you’d only tapped your potential

With all your quirks

He felt your growth rate could be exponential

Right now it hurts

But Mr. Gray’s got a plan for reliving the pain

And the sorrow

He’s even got a lame excuse you can borrow

You think it’s bad today?

Just wait for tomorrow

Mr. Gray

Sometimes when the feeling starts to take a hold

Sometimes when it’s way beyond the blues

Sometimes when you wonder what the point is

Sometimes when you’re frightened by the little things

Sometimes when you start to remember some times

One more thing

Mr. Gray said you won’t be alone now

He’ll pull some strings

And push you into a combat zone now

If you missed something

It’s because you haven’t been given the break

or the chance

to see the things that Mr. Gray can enhance

So join the army of gray worker ants

led by

Mr. Gray