I Should Know

Johnny L.

Well I don’t understand your fright

Although I try with all my might

We stay up late and talk too much

Using weariness as a crutch

You don’t understand my plight

Or what I go though every night

I tell the truth as I recall

Like I’m on sodium pentothal

But I don’t always do what’s right

I’m running around trying to figure it out

And I can’t shake the feeling that I’m always in doubt

But I’m not going sit here waiting for the phone

I’ve done a lot of thinking and I’ve suddenly thought about

Lots of things

Maybe I should know

You say that it’s understood

You couldn’t leave me, though you would

I don’t buy it for a minute

Cause I know all the lies in it

I don’t say the things I should

And when I do I knock on wood

Though all the times we’ve overcome

And all the troubles cumbersome

Still I don’t always do what’s good

You say there’s many sides to you that you can’t show

I’d say there’s lots of things

Maybe I should know